Places to shop in New Delhi, India

Total Sex and the City moment in Dilli Haat
Early February I had the opportunity to travel to New Delhi, India, although this was a short trip, one simply can not pass up on an opportunity to travel and escape from the polar vortex. 

One of the biggest attractions for me on traveling to India was the shopping! With the U.S dollar doing so well ($1= 60 Rupees) this was definitely an alluring feature. So I hit up any and every possible area to shop in New Delhi, India. 

I'll be breaking it down on places to shop and what to expect:

Dilli Haat Market: If you're interested in finding traditional Indian items from cashmere scarves to traditional Indian jewelry this is definitely the place for you to visit. 
  • Tips - Try going early to the market, this way you're guaranteed better prices when haggling. The rule of thumb is that the vendors tend to give the best prices to their earlier customers so they are guaranteed more sales throughout the day ( a superstitious notion).
  • This is definitely an ideal place to shop for tourists, since it's in a enclosed area and although you are asked to pay a small fee when entering, it helps maintain the market and keeps it clean. 
  • If you're a blogger or wanting to experience that true Indian ambiance, here is the place to visit. A big part of visiting India for me is always haggling and fighting for the best prices. Here you are able to enjoy the inimitable ethnic wares all handcrafted from villages found throughout India. I can also pick up some Indian snacks (don't tell airport security) and perhaps some chachkas items.
  • Dilli Haat is not only a market but a showpiece for Indian culture, by hosting various cultural programs and providing delicacies from different regions of the country. 

Another great place to pick up traditional Indian garments is Janpath, located in Connaught Place, is one of the oldest markets in Delhi. 
  • Dozens of stalls are lined up on this main road.
  • You'll find the same items as you would in Dilli Haat, and perhaps more since there are over dozens of stalls. 
  • Here I was able to pick up printed paints which will be great this summer for less than $3...
  • There's also a huge section for Tibetan jewelry and art (think Buddhist tapestry and turquoise rings)
  • If you're hesitant or uncomfortable with the bargaining or simply just want a one stop place to purchase all your needs then definitely visit Cotton Industry. This place is run by the government and all the prices are set. 
Okay so you had your traditional Indian fix and now you want to see where the locals are going and perhaps you're getting a little is a form of cardio after all so it's time to refuel yourself. 

Hauz Khas Village is definitely one of my new favorite places to visit in Delhi - I would describe this place as their version of the Lower East Side in New York or Willimasburg in Brooklyn. What I love about this area is the clashes of old India with their old architect and ancient ruins that now host boutique stores and trendy bars and restaurants. 
  • Get here early if you can, especially if driving since parking does fill up quickly.
  • Visit the old ruins of Hauz Khas Complex, I find Delhi so fascinating on the juxtaposition of old and new found throughout the city. 
  • This place is filled with fun boutiques and great places to eat at. 

Dare to try the street food?

A much needed watermelon with basil juice refreshment

Traditional Goan coconut prawn curry

And one can't forget the legendary Khan Market, located in the section of all the embassies' buildings, what once used to be a market to pick up one's essential needs has now become a popular spot for all the ex-pats. Lines of luxury cars with international flags will be parked outside Khan Market as they chauffeur ambassador's wives and/or husbands around. 
  • If interested in purchasing high-end products, you most definitely will be able to find them here in Khan Market. 
  • Khan Market is somewhat similar to the Meatpacking District of New York City, where once buildings that served as servant quarters have been converted into luxury boutiques where you can enjoy paying for overpriced kurtas (tunics) or handcrafted soaps and incense. 
  • Although luxury boutiques are popping up, there are still some great hidden gems to enjoy - such as Salim's for kababs and kati rolls (a must have and hard to find) 
  • Because Khan Market is located far from the hustle and bustle you can enjoy dining on rooftops restaurants and overlook Lodhi Garden. 
So here is a complete list of places to shop around New Delhi, if shopping isn't your thing I still recommend visiting these areas since they represent a great aspect of Delhi's culture and are all located in aesthetically beautiful historical areas.

What's in my Travel Bag

    The reversible vegan leather tote bag from Urban Outfitters 

Where am I off to you may ask? Well if you see the picture above you might notice a travel book on India...jetting off to New Delhi, India for a week.

Take a look inside my bag: When traveling on a plane I like to limit on what products I carry and try my best to bring just the essentials

  • Laptop - Can't exactly pack this in your suitcase 
  • Travel Book - When traveling I find this to be a crucial item to have, you gotta read up on where you're going...
  • Headphones - the only thing that makes a plane ride somewhat enjoyable are the movies
  • Chargers - I got it all, iPhone charger, laptop, camera battery charger,and this neat item I picked up from Urban Outfitters a portable charger 
  • Adapter - when traveling abroad it's crucial to bring an adapter to help charge all your gadgets
  • Camera - I will be using my point and shoot Canon S110 (will be attempting to film a few things here and there)
  • Notebook - can't travel without it, especially when meeting people always nice to drought down their email address
  • Pen - When traveling always have a pen, since you will be filling out documents before going through customs 
  • Wallet - I am not carrying my usual wallet, instead I have this travel wallet where I won't mind if it gets a little scratched up 
  • Evian Face Mist - I will be on a plane for a very, very long time, and with the constant circulated dry air my face will need some hydration. So I picked up this face mist and hopefully will do the trick
  • Sephora Fiber Mask - I do a whole review here on why I love these products and incase I need just an extra boost of moisture and revitalize my skin
  • Cleansing Cloth - This is one of my favorite got to cleansing wipes Ole Henriksen Vitamin C cleansing cloth 
  • Hand Cream - Simply any will do but I will be carrying my Laura Mercier hand cream  simply love the fragrance and really does help moisturize your hands
  • Chapstick - Enjoying the Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips
  • Sunglasses - I tend to carry at least two pairs, you change your top so why not your sunglasses?
  • Undergarment - I know it sounds like an odd item to have, but I will be traveling for at least 14 hours, so to make this journey somewhat enjoyable I like to freshen things up a bit
  • Chew Gum - Be considerate to the person sitting next to you 
  • Toothbrush - not shown in the picture, just because you're traveling does not mean you should neglect your teeth
  • Passport - You simply can't go anywhere without this gem

Weekend Indulgence III: Food Diary Jersey City and Brooklyn

This past weekend, I decided that I wasn't going to let the snow get in my way when it came to indulging in good food, so I headed over to Jersey City, where once again the food was impressive.

Ate at what used to be a food truck place now turned into a restaurant called Kraverie, Korean with French and Mexican elements.

What we tried:

  • Kimchi Bacon  Fried Rice with Galbi Short Ribs - Bacon and fired rice needs to happen more often.
  • Bibimbap with Bulgorgi Ribeye - Filled with tons of flavor,  could simply have a bowl of this all on my own. 
  • Kimchidilla with Spicy Pork - A fun play on a quesadilla.
  • Kimchi Cheese Fries - Definitely the ideal way to have fries.
  • Dulce de Leche, Bannas Walnut Crepe - Oh this was definitely the perfect way to end a meal. 

Overall, this was a fun discovery! Love the casual vibe, where you can enjoy great food with a fun play on it.

On Sunday, had to have that Sunday Brunch, so I decided to be adventurous and head out to Brooklyn for brunch. If you've read my previous posts, then you probably are aware that I haven't taken a liking to winter, however, can't believe there's a "however", I have been quite spontaneous and have not let this weather get in my way. So rather than spending (another) weekend at home, I hopped on the L train and headed to Brooklyn for food I knew was going to be worth not just the trip but the cold. I should also note, it makes it a lot easier when you have a good friend whose willing to be on board.

Had to go to Roebling Tea House for a proper Brooklyn Brunch...whatever you've seen on tv, Girls, or on tumblr dedicated to Brooklyn , all of this can be found here at this brunch spot. A bit annoyed at myself that I didn't have the courage to take pictures of the restaurant, or really the patrons (actually thought I saw Chloë Sevigny, but then realized every girl here looks like her if they have a blonde lob) okay back to the food!

    Can't have a brunch without a mimosa right?

The food:

  • Baked Cheddar Eggs with raisin fennel toast, grits, and apple butter - this definitely is a decadent breakfast, I mean toast with raisin and fennel, with a side of apple butter, can't find that at IHop. 
  • A Big Baked Pancake - A pancake that's really more like a pastry with an incredible custard in the middle, made with honey butter (like what exactly is that but I still love it) and stewed apples. 
The end results, me simply satisfied. 

Here are some photos of this weekend: 

                      Had to pose on the Williamsburg Bridge 
                     Only in Brooklyn....naturally 


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