LUSH: Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

Wasted away again in Margaritaville....or just in your shower

Every time I walk into LUSH the employees immediately greet you with their bubbly and energetic personality, like they've been gnawing on a bubble bath bomb all morning followed by a  green tea herbal energy drink. Which is great for me since I always come to the store filled with questions, such as: Is it safe if I by accident eat some of the product when applying, and the answer to that is yes, followed by a concerned look. LUSH Ocean Salt face and body scrub is pretty much my secret weapon to achieve a glowing complexion. When it comes to skin care products I'm always looking for a product that will make my skin glow...or as I usually refer it to as the "J.Lo Glow", hence why the people at LUSH instantly directed me to their number one product.

The Experience:
Ocean Salt is a great exfoliant that truly leaves your skin glowing (how many times can I emphasis on the glow factor?). A tiny amount of this holy grail can really do so much for your skin. It has a citrusy scent to it and "spiked" with vodka. The texture is grainy yet not abrasive, and the sea salt gives a gentle scrub that melts away leaving your face feeling buffed and smooth. Ocean Salt is definitely one of my favorite go to products for the skin, since I'm always left feeling squeaky clean; getting rid of all that gunk and dead skin. And despite having vodka in it, the vodka helps to brighten the skin leaving me to feel hydrated and moisturized. Even after applying  makeup, I can still see my skin radiating. I particularly enjoy licking away the sea salts, it truly reminds me of a nice salted rimmed margarita.


  1. if i use this product will i look as sexy as you??

    1. I appreciate you finding me sexy ma'am...and yes you too can find your inner J.Lo!

  2. haha i want to try this. but i need to know first... how does it taste?



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