L'Occitane Shower Oil

Over the past few months I have made the transition from creams and lotions to face and body oils. So when it came to discovering a shower oil, I knew I had to have it in my possession. 

The L'Occitane Shower Oil with Almond  has become a popular item amongst the beauty blogs, and I just had to jump on this band wagon. You know that sensation where everyone is talking about a must-have product and you desperately try to convince yourself on why it's okay to purchase this specific item where you'll even consider taking up babysitting your neighbor's annoying tofu eating kids to afford this extravagant but necessary shower oil....well that is exactly how I felt when it came to this product. How could I possibly deprive my skin from such luxury, especially with the harsh winter coming. 

I have never been good about applying lotion when coming out of the shower, so when finding a product that will serve not only as a cleanser but a moisturizer as well, I knew all was right in this world. 

The Experience: 
  • A subtle scent of almond 
  • Lathers well
  • Small amount will do
  • Great moisturizer (need not apply lotion after shower)
  • Could use as a shaving gel
  • Softens and smooths skin 

So yes, this product is worth every penny and gives you such  a luxurious feeling. Now will you excuse me for I have to attend to these brats and prepare their tofu dinner. Beauty is pain after all. 


  1. Nice review! I've never tried L'Occitane shower products only their hand creams before.

    xo T.



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