Meeting Essiebutton and Amelia Liana

                     Major Fangirling happening here

Yes people the rumors are indeed true about whatever you have heard on beauty gurus Estee and Amelia. They are indeed major Bs. B as in BEAUTIFUL human beings who happen to be one of my favorite beauty gurus, life coach, style inspiration, girl crush....#majorfangirling #thisreallyhappened

Make-up brand Tarte sponsored the meet and greet with Estee and Amelia in New York City yesterday, and  you know I took a long, long lunch break to see these girls. This was my first meet and greet, and despite standing in lines after lines it was well worth it.

 It was great seeing so many awesome viewers coming out to this meet and greet, it's like a little community where we all can catch up on what's happening in the vlogging/blogging world and not have to constantly explain or feel silly on knowing these Youtubers lives, such as the name of their pets or what perfume Estee and Amelia are probably wearing today; no judgement here, just excitement and fangirling.

When we entered the room, I couldn't believe the moment had come that I was going to meet Estee and Amelia, two girls who I adore and partially a big reason why I wanted to start blogging. And here I was with 30  other random girls squished into a room to mingle and take photos with Estee and Amelia?! I was just thankful I popped in 4 pieces of watermelon and spearmint gum and could splash on some Tom Ford's perfume from the Macy's counter before meeting these angels descending from the Youtube Heaven.

The moment it when it was my turn to meet these fabulous ladies, Estee immediately (and literally) greeted me with opened arms and here I was thinking beforehand, "okay, I'm going to act super casual, no need for hugs just say hello, let them know that you love their YouTube channels and be on your merry way." Oh but NO, I freaked out....I just kept rambling, and couldn't get over how beautiful they were, from flawless skin to perfect hair. I mean would you please look at the picture  of them compared to me....I know...I'm aware how perfect they are and then theres me with this goofy odd smile (let's just focus on the real stars). But it wasn't just how beautiful they looked, but how they treated each person who greeted them. Both Estee and Amelia never appeared to be tired nor tried to hurry your moment with them, Estee was so sweet and listened to whatever I was rambling on and had tons of energy for each person she met. Overall, I have tremendous amount of respect for both Estee and Amelia for always providing us entertainment on their daily lives, or giving us great tips on beauty products or just on life. I am just so happy to have met these awesome people and that they set up this whole meet and greet up for all of us to enjoy.

Happy Friday everyone!


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