Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese: The Official State Breakfast Sandwich

    This picture doesn't do any justice

Like SPAM is to Hawaii, the Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese breakfast sandwich is a regional institution for the state of New Jersey. Taylor Ham or Pork Roll can be found in pretty much your standard diner, deli, or greasy spoon, and is often prepared on a Kaiser roll.

What's so great about this sandwich? Well to start, this is a stapled item for the state of New Jersey, why Taylor Ham itself originated in Trenton from the guy John Taylor. But enough about the historical facts, Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese is a sandwich that can be enjoyed any time of the day....especially after a long night out consuming numerous amounts of Fireball shots. If you're heading out to the diner after the bars, someone in your friend group will definitely be ordering this gem with a plate of disco fries on the side.

What does Taylor Ham taste like? Well it's a combination of bologna and ham, but saltier and probably filled with tons of sodium nitrates...oh I honestly couldn't be bothered what the heck is in it, as long as the FDA doesn't pull if off the shelves.

I personally enjoy my Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese on an everything wheat bagel; wheat bagel since I'm trying to be healthy and not eat up all my calories in one meal (I wish that was a joke). But when consuming this glorious breakfast sandwich,  you can't be worried about counting calories, since this is a delicacy in the state of New Jersey, and therefore I shall have no guilt but pride, Jersey pride.


  1. i havent even read the post yet and just scrolled down to comment. i need this sandwich now

  2. uh YUM, i had no idea state's had their own sandwiches haha. And salty foods are my kryptonite- I know they're so so bad for you, but they just taste so friggen good. I'd be all over this.

    xo marlen
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