Choosing the Right Face Peel

This past week, I wasn't exactly being kind to my skin, with the holidays, birthday celebrations, and having brunch with one too many mimosas, all accomplished in 4 days, my face definitely called for a face peel.

Face peels are great for toning and revitalizing your skin. It's like stripping away your tired and lifeless face away and getting a new face that feels soft and new like a baby's bottom.

Here is a review on face peels I have used:

  • Dr. Dennis Original Formula Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel: This face peel is like the Terminator of all face peels, since it will demolish any uneven skin tone, blemish, and much more. It is the face peel that can do it all, brightens your complexion, minimizes your pore,and helps eradicate acne. It's great for all skin types, however, I personally do not use this every night, since it is a strong formula and I don't want it to strip away too much from my skin. I tend to use this once a month, especially after a weekend of bad indulgence, where I know my face is filled with gunk and needs to be stripped away. This comes in two towelettes, Step 1 & Step 2, when applying you will notice the product will leave your face tingling, don't worry you're not having an allergic reaction, it's just doing its job. Use at night and then apply your regular skincare products, by morning you will definitely notice a difference. This left my face feeling smoother, softer, and brighter. 

  • M-61 Power Glow Peel: This product is very similar to Dr. Dennis, however slightly less expensive and not as strong of a formula. The Power Glow Peel is recommended to be used three times a week, to get the total effect. Again it will leave your face tingling and it is a lot gentler than Dr.  Dennis, however, I personally felt that I needed to use more of this product at least three times a week to get the same results as the Dr. Dennis Original Formula (where I only tend use once a week at most). Power Glow Peel is a great alternative for sure, just important to use three times a week in order to see the results. 

  • First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads: These facial pads  are very gentle, does not leave your face tingling, but does less work than the other products. However, it's a great toner and definitely will help brighten your complexion. This product can be used every night, before applying the rest of your skincare products. I'm not entirely crazy over this product, especially since the fragrance is a bit odd, however I will continue using it. 

  • Ole Henricksen Lemon Strip Flash Peel: This is definitely my least favorite face peel, it seems to be quite the popular product, but I had difficulty trying to make it work. First the fragrance is just awful, it smells like your applying Clorox lemon scented bleach to your face, just left me feeling like an overly bleached public bathroom. Unlike the other products, this does not come in a towelette or pad, but rather a gel form, where you apply as a mask, for some reason I just find this having too many steps. I was not at alll impressed with the outcome, it left my face red and dry....I was definitely excited about using this product especially since I love all things from Ole Henricksen, but this one was a total miss. 


  1. what are the price ranges on the first 3 products?

  2. Hi Steph,

    Dr. Dennis Alpha Beta Original Formula is $88 at Sephora, however, I would recommend searching Amazon, that is where I bought mine for I believe around $60.

    The M-61 Power Glow Peel for 30 towelettes is $62.00 I have only been able to purchase this at Blue Mercury. Try online too.

    The First Aid Beauty for 60 pads is $30.

    Although they are on the pricer side, I have to say it is a good investment, especially the Dr.Dennis Original Formula.

  3. nice post!

  4. Replies
    1. Definitely give it a try Andrea, it really does wonders for the skin!

  5. Great info! Thanks for sharing. I've been using the Ahava mud peal and I've been so happy, but sort of do want a change. xx


    1. Thanks for checking out my post Arden! Now I want to try the Ahava mud peel :)



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