What's in my Travel Bag

    The reversible vegan leather tote bag from Urban Outfitters 

Where am I off to you may ask? Well if you see the picture above you might notice a travel book on India...jetting off to New Delhi, India for a week.

Take a look inside my bag: When traveling on a plane I like to limit on what products I carry and try my best to bring just the essentials

  • Laptop - Can't exactly pack this in your suitcase 
  • Travel Book - When traveling I find this to be a crucial item to have, you gotta read up on where you're going...
  • Headphones - the only thing that makes a plane ride somewhat enjoyable are the movies
  • Chargers - I got it all, iPhone charger, laptop, camera battery charger,and this neat item I picked up from Urban Outfitters a portable charger 
  • Adapter - when traveling abroad it's crucial to bring an adapter to help charge all your gadgets
  • Camera - I will be using my point and shoot Canon S110 (will be attempting to film a few things here and there)
  • Notebook - can't travel without it, especially when meeting people always nice to drought down their email address
  • Pen - When traveling always have a pen, since you will be filling out documents before going through customs 
  • Wallet - I am not carrying my usual wallet, instead I have this travel wallet where I won't mind if it gets a little scratched up 
  • Evian Face Mist - I will be on a plane for a very, very long time, and with the constant circulated dry air my face will need some hydration. So I picked up this face mist and hopefully will do the trick
  • Sephora Fiber Mask - I do a whole review here on why I love these products and incase I need just an extra boost of moisture and revitalize my skin
  • Cleansing Cloth - This is one of my favorite got to cleansing wipes Ole Henriksen Vitamin C cleansing cloth 
  • Hand Cream - Simply any will do but I will be carrying my Laura Mercier hand cream  simply love the fragrance and really does help moisturize your hands
  • Chapstick - Enjoying the Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips
  • Sunglasses - I tend to carry at least two pairs, you change your top so why not your sunglasses?
  • Undergarment - I know it sounds like an odd item to have, but I will be traveling for at least 14 hours, so to make this journey somewhat enjoyable I like to freshen things up a bit
  • Chew Gum - Be considerate to the person sitting next to you 
  • Toothbrush - not shown in the picture, just because you're traveling does not mean you should neglect your teeth
  • Passport - You simply can't go anywhere without this gem


  1. i'm absolutely the same when i travel: in need of so many things close by(: (even if gets pretty heavy!!) <3

    xx from Italy
    Cate // kate/idoscope // YouTube

  2. Have a great trip! If you can, do a review in the future about that Evian face mist, I'd love to know if it's a good one!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  3. Ooo what are you going to do in New Delhi? Are you going for fun? And these are all great tips- I'm definitely guilty of being that person that sits down, stands up to get her purse, sits down, stands back up...oy. Having everything in my little bag would help a lot. And speaking of the bag- very sleek and pretty!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  4. Love this post and the idea of having an undergarment on hand. So true! I also like to have healthy snacks for the plane ride.

    Have a blast in India!

  5. I was in India a few weeks ago and it was beautiful! I hope you have a fantastic time! You're bag is absolutely beaut!
    Bella x

  6. I have that exact bag! :) and totally agree on bringing a face mist. I use Avene and love it.

  7. I have that exact bag! :) and totally agree on bringing a face mist. I use Avene and love it.

  8. i loved this post :) i absolutely agree with face mist.. worst feeling to have dehydrated skin on a plane!


  9. I like your bag! Great post x.


  10. Lovely bag, great items ! xxxx


  11. Love this post! and that bag is cute!<3

    For inspiring quotes, fashion pics and some dosage of happiness, go right here: The Flea Marcat

  12. Not only is the bag gorgeous, but these items are lovely too! This post is so fun – thanks for sharing.

    xo, Meera | www.momentswithmeera.com

  13. Hi! I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award :) check out the rules here: http://sevenoone.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/the-versatile-blogger-award.html

    Rasya / www.sevenoone.blogspot.com

  14. I love what's-in-your-bag posts! You have such great items. I have almost the same items when I travel.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com



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